Near infrared and visible Raman/fluorescence platforms (Dual-mode operation: line-scan confocal microspectroscopy or conventional macrospectroscopy)
Ultrafast femtosecond laser (Newport/SpectraPhysics Mai Tai) + Optical parametric oscillator (OPO, Inspire)
Optical delay line
DMD SLM-based stimulated Raman scattering (SRS) imaging
Acoustic optical modulator (AOM)
Lock-in amplifier
Various XYZ motorized and piezo scan stages
Various galvo scan mirrors
Various grating spectrographs (Princeton/Acton)
Various scientific CCD cameras (TE cooled to -70C)
Intensified CCD camera (1 nanosecond gate, Princeton)
EMCCD camera (Princeton)

Two-photon imaging
Laser ablation micro machining
Two-photon laser polymerization and lithography

UV/VIS/NIR spectrophotometer

UV-VIS-NIR (250-3300nm. Shimazu) with reflectance unit and integrating sphere


Multivariate ordinary least squares, principal component analysis (PCA), partial least squares (PLS).

Nanophtonics and Nanoplasmonics

Finite difference time domain (FDTD) simulation

Biomedical optics

Ray tracing
Monte Carlo simulation of light propagation in biological tissue
Mie scattering calculation


Proximity ion/neutral beam lithography
Contact lithography
Soft lithography
DC (100mTorr) and Magnetron (4-100mTorr) sputtering of Au, Ag, SiO2, etc
PECVD conformal pPMMA and DLC
Plasma etching of Si, SiO2, etc.
Wet etch: Au, SiO2.
Scanning electron microscope

User of UH Cleanroom

E-Beam lithography